Lighting with African sunlight...and a little practice Lighting with African sunlight...and a little practice

How I Make My Photographs: October 2010 AP Feature

by John Kenny

If you've ever wondered about how I light my portraits with no flash or reflectors then it's all here in this 5 page feature in Amateur Photographer (October 2010). One or two of the explanations may have got a little lost in the edit process, but I liked the article a lot and my thanks go to Jeff at AP for his work.

Leafing through the interview as I sit here in my other job, designing computer systems, makes me long to be back in Africa with a camera in my hand...particularly as the Winter is fast approaching here in London. Still, by December I'll be finishing up in this job and preparing to put my creative head back on....hopefully just in time for the arrival of my new 8x10 large format film camera. Can't wait to make the jump into the most beautiful, detailed world of photography for 2011.


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