On Show in Paris at Slick 2010: 21 to 24 Oct On Show in Paris at Slick 2010: 21 to 24 Oct

On Show in Paris at Slick 2010: 21 to 24 Oct

09/09/10 Events
by John Kenny

Thanks to everyone that came to see the 'Sub Saharan Journeys' exhibition throughout July. The feedback from the private view and from the talk that I gave on the final Saturday was really positive. Each time I present a solo exhibition I meet some fascinating people, many of whom have a deep interest in Africa, in photography and art in general. And it gives me a forum to fully explain the ideas behind my work and delve into the experiences that led to finding and photographing some remarkable people. And I find the best way to do all this is to be in front of my large prints: I really do think that the most striking communication of my photographic intent and the subject's intensity takes place in front of my large, 1m wide prints.

With that in mind, if you'd like a chance to see the work on show then the next opportunity will be at 'Slick 10' in  Paris from 21st - 24th October 2010

Following on from that I'm aiming for 'Sub Saharan Journeys' to be on display again sometime soon in Europe. Watch this space!



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