Mo - guide extraordinaire Mo - guide extraordinaire

The best guide to Northern Kenya, Mohammed Leeresh

10/05/11 Travel
by John Kenny

I spent the month of April back in Northern Kenya, a place that I have a tremendous affinity for after my past trip in early 2009 that you can see here

As ever, I was accompanied by my exceptional guide Mohammed Leeresh, a person uniquely qualified in finding some of the remotest communities in East Africa and one of the most knowledgeable people in the North about Samburu and Rendille culture. Mo deciphers everything for me, understands all of the cultural protocol that we need to follow in order to do our work, and is a wonderful person. I'd like to keep him as my secret, but I want to give him every chance to develop his business and look after his beautiful, growing family in Archer's Post. You can contact Mo on his mobile of +254 724143080 if you want to discover this remarkable area, and he'll meet you in Archer's Post, Isiolo, or even Nairobi if you need him to.

Asante Sana, Mohammed...

Here's Mo with his 2 grandparents - he rarely gets chance to see them as they live far away - but we manage to reach them each time I head over there (which is always emotional for both of us)

Mohammed Leeresh has family everywhere in Northern Kenya!

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