Excited to be collaborating with Morrow Collective: Own these first NFT pieces of my work

11/01/22 Events
by John Kenny

Very excited to take my first steps into NFT artwork with an incredible team of curators and artists at Morrow Collective

This single edition collection can be found here on Openseas and feel free to take a stroll around the virtual gallery space to get a bit more intimate look into these pieces

What's the big deal about NFTs, and these ones in particular? Well, you'll be able to own a high resolution colour original of my artwork, and these will only ever be single pieces. If you purchase the NFT of one of my favourite portraits, you'll be the one, single person owning this work, verifiable on the blockchain. Now if this NFT thing goes right over your head - and don't worry if it does as you're not alone - here's an article with a primer on what it's all about.

The future of artwork is here - today - and sits perfectly alongside the traditional world of physical prints (which of course I absolutely love too).

Back to this collection: I had a great talk with Morrow's curator, Anna, where she delves into some of the inspiration & stories behind my photographs which you can watch here

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