London May 2013: EYES IN Magazine choose John Kenny as a global creative innovator - my biggest interview so far

15/05/13 Events
by John Kenny

The article is called John Kenny and the Chiaroscuro of the African Plains as a tribute to my photographic style. EYES IN says: 

'It has been six centuries since the Age of Discovery, and mankind now thrives in the modern world of ever-changing technological advancements. It's easy to think that we've seen it all. But the photography of John Kenny will silence that idea. His stunning images remind us of a world still largely undiscovered and of fascinating people unencumbered by the entanglements of technology.'

Of my photographic style they say, 'It is a technique referred to in the art of the Italian Renaissance as "chiaroscuro," describing that strong, bold contrast between light and dark. John Kenny has shown himself a master of the technique.'

To fans of my black and white work and to anyone who is interested in my influences and favourite artists - it's all in the PDF article so please click here

The editor of EYES IN, Vivian van Dijk said of the image used for the cover, Assile, 'I was fascinated by this photography art work..The girl reminds me of a modern day Mona Lisa - she expresses sadness, but also a certain tranquility and happiness at the same time.'

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